Thanks to its agreements with local partners, Persit Star imports and distributes the best products from Iran internationally, both wholesale and retail.

The most sought after sector from abroad is the food sector with typical products such as dried fruit, caviar, truffles and saffron that are in demand all over the world.

The stone sector with our marble and stone quarries such as travertine and granite, allow us to export both in blocks and slabs, important quantities required by architects and builders in search of quality products but at competitive prices.

Other required sectors are petrochemical with polymers, Iranian nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals and beauty & care.



    The requested products can be shipped by sea, by truck and by air thanks to our Cargo service available at 360 degrees all over the world.

  • Certified products

    Each product is checked and must pass the quality standard levels valid in Western Europe.

    Certified products

  • Tehran office

    Our office in Iran organizes and manages relations with local partners, to offer the best to foreign customers.

  • Shipping and customs clearance

    Each shipment is inclusive of cost and transport (CFR) and upon request for customs clearance.

    Shipping and customs clearance

  • Warehouse

    We have a large warehouse in Milan where products can be shipped to customers directly throughout Western Europe.

  • Milan office

    Our Milan office manages and organizes all-round relationships with foreign customers.

    Milan office